We Help Start-Ups Prepare, Sell, Scale

We help Energy Industry Start-Ups prepare for sales, make sales, and scale. 



The e3 Program

We designed the e3 Program for 3 reasons:

1. We researched the top reasons why Start-Ups fail, and we built the program to help you avoid those pitfalls.
2. The program gets us up to speed.  Instead of onboarding one sales person, you onboard a village. 
3. The Villagers have spent years developing a trusted network, and we want them to be confident representing your company.  

*Important:  We are not like a car dealership who adds on unnecessary costs and services.  This program was not built to get consulting work.  We will let you know exactly what we are looking for and what is necessary before starting the program so you can prepare before we get started.  And if there is an area where something needs work, you do not need to use us to fix it. All we want is to make sure you are ready to succeed in The Village. 


 There are 3 Phases


Phase 1

Product Market Fit and Leadership

It’s simple.  Two of the top reasons that cause Start-Up failure are insufficient Product-Market fit and Leadership issues. We pull eight Villagers to conduct thorough Product-Market fit assessments, and we integrate their insights with detailed competitor and market sizing analysis.  We provide actionable recommendations on how to strengthen the value prop, approach early adopters, and fine-tune commercial models.    We look for opportunities for you to make your offering more compelling to more customers.  Passing this phase means you have a compelling product or service that will make the Villagers confident to open doors and engage their networks.  


Phase 2

Marketing, Sales, and Delivery

Start-ups are often challenged by an inability to deliver and financial shortages.   We want to make sure the Villagers have what they need to open doors, help make sales, and feel confident you can deliver on customer commitments. We assess your marketing and sales materials, delivery capacity, deliverables and customer success metrics, technology readiness, and financial sustainability. This is also an awesome way for us to help you prepare for Village success but also meet your team and build our partnership. If something needs to be polished up or fine-tuned, we have allowed for our experts to quickly roll up their sleeves. This work serves to provide Villagers’ confidence that they have what it takes to sell and stand by your ability to deliver.


Phase 3

Village Entry

Upon Village Entry, we pull out the big megaphone and blast your amazing solution to the global Village.   We also run through our database and match capabilities and networks and reach out to Villagers that we think will get you to your early adopters quickly.  By both growing awareness of your solution to the entire Village and hand-picking those have the most relevant experience, we are tapping into a powerful network of potential customers.  The magic happens now!