We Are Evolve.

A team bursting with passion to help people and companies thrive.




Evolve Leadership Team

Deep Experience.  Personalized Approach.



Sanjay Bhatia

Co-Founder, Strategy and Business Improvement

Sanjay wants to live in a world where innovation can propel our economy to new heights, diversity in skills, backgrounds, and personalities can come together to make incredible things happen, and where drone flying is legal in National Parks...


Becky Long

Co-Founder, Marketing and Customer Success

Becky wants to live in a world where all start-ups thrive, Reese's peanut buttercups are a healthy meal and broccoli is dessert, and she could take her Goldendoodle, Gypsy, everywhere...


Scott McKenzie

Strategy and Operations

Scott wants to live in a world where he could trade on the weekends, Houston had an Autobahn, and people would focus on becoming the best version of themselves through continual improvement in their physical, mental and spiritual lives...


Ashish Khemka

Strategy and Finance

Ashish wants to live in a world where there is less waste of resources such as food, man-made materials, and natural resources...


Steve Barrett

Business Development

Steve wants to live in a world where teams don't stop until the root causes to problems are identified and tackled, where we're eliminating waste, building things to last and reusing and fixing stuff instead of being the disposable society we've become, where friends and families work, eat and play together and where kindness, diversity and innovation is as naturally expected as the air we breathe...


Rob Lewis

Digital Strategy

Rob wants to live in a world where decisions are all driven by data and logic but fueled by passion, everyone is judged by character alone, and there is access to at least one guitar in every room...

swechchawebsite (2)

Swechcha Kumar

Marketing Strategist

Swechcha wants to live in a world where there is increased human interaction and proper communication between customers and companies so that all concerns are addressed and solved without any delay. 


Evolve Team

Deep Experience.  Personalized Approach.



Our Mission

To help people and companies thrive. 


George Vassilellis


George brings more than 20 years of experience in delivering solutions to challenging development projects for both oil companies and service providers globally. George has strong reservoir engineering core skills rooted in geology and petrophysics. He has extensive experience in economic evaluation, M&A activities and upstream strategy.


Tim Campbell

Technical Business Development

Tim is excited about aggregation, integration, and delivering “right time” answer products that oil and gas customers need. He has worked across a number of Service companies and has led in the commercial development and adoption of several innovative solutions. He is skilled at understanding customer needs and helping both companies develop solutions to meet these needs.


Catherine Gillings

Talent Management and Coaching

Catherine is an internationally experienced and highly qualified learning and talent management professional and executive coach. She has a successful track record of developing leaders, including high potential and diverse leaders. Catherine has wide experience of succession planning, talent software, diversity and inclusion, high potential assessment, learning management and performance assessment systems.


John Griffin

Operations and Commercialization

For over 20 years, John has developed people and partnerships to make field operations safer, more productive, and more ecological. John has held executive roles in global service companies, joint ventures, and small businesses, primarily focused on bringing new technology and business models to the E&P sector. John runs two companies, and he teaches and coaches in his local community.


Kaes de Jong

Operations and Business Development

Kaes brings more than 20 years of operations and delivery experience with Fortune 500 and privately held companies. He is passionate about helping and coaching others. Kaes has a strong operations mindset and believes that without data it’s just an opinion. He worked internationally for 7+ years and held executive roles in service, rental, and manufacturing businesses.


Randy Reich

Operations, Supply Chain and Financial Management

Randy creates successful outcomes in complex situations utilizing deep industry and functional experience to optimize operations. His extensive knowledge of operational excellence methods and tools focus on the enterprise wide lean methodology with an emphasis on value stream management, strategy deployment, sales and operations planning, and change management.


Hernan Anzola

Innovation and Strategy

Hernan enjoys challenges at the intersection of strategy and engineering. He led large multi-disciplinary groups to conceptualize, design, and deliver new technologies. He also worked across the energy and industrial spectrum to increase value through reorganizations, operational improvements, M&A and growth strategies.


Our Values


We are

one team.

We inspire and invest in each other, leverage individual strengths, and we embrace our differences.  We value a culture of inclusion, diversity of opinion, and freedom of communication.  We believe in working together for the greater good and helping each other develop and grow.


We are


We listen and speak from the heart, respect each other, and we value empathy.  We will choose to be compassionate, courageous, and vulnerable, even when it is uncomfortable.   We believe everyone is on their own journey, and we respect their experience, ideas, opinions, and feelings. 


We are

client focused.

We develop long term partnerships with our clients.  Our commitment to our clients is at the heart of everything we do. We focus on turning negatives into positives, thinking outside the box, and going to extraordinary lengths to engage and amaze our clients.  


We are


We refuse to do things just because it's the way it's always been done. We creatively approach every situation and challenge to create the best options for our clients. We challenge the status quo, ourselves, and each other in order to make our clients wildly successful.