Swechcha Kumar

Marketing Strategist

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Meet Swechcha

Swechcha wants to live in a world where there is increased human interaction and proper communication between customers and companies so that all concerns are addressed and solved without any delay. 

She comes with experience in chemical engineering, software development, advertising, luxury retail marketing with an extra dose of digital marketing and analytics sprinkled with consulting across these fields.

She has primarily served in the US, Indian, and European markets and likes to keep herself updated with new marketing techniques. Securing her second Master’s degree recently, Swechcha is always curious to learn more and more than ever before. She likes to keep herself updated and puts to practice what she picks up. One can often find her reading deep and delving in research to analyze and make sense of good data.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing badminton and ping pong. Hailing from a family of artists, Swechcha has been practicing vocal music. She also always has her travel itinerary planned for her next vacation.