Steve Barrett

Business Development


Meet Steve

Steve wants to live in a world where teams don't stop until the root causes to problems are identified and tackled, where we're eliminating waste, building things to last and reusing and fixing stuff instead of being the disposable society we've become, where friends and families work, eat and play together and where kindness, diversity and innovation is as naturally expected as the air we breathe.

Steve has over 35 years working in the oil and gas industry in a variety of engineering, operations and executive leadership roles.  The last 15 years have focused within the subsea deepwater space leading emerging technologies, product, project and service organizations for FMC Technologies and for Oceaneering.  As Senior Vice President at Oceaneering, Steve progressively held several positions leading Manufactured Products,  Business Development and Asset Integrity.  Steve holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an M.B.A., Finance and Entrepreneurship, from Rice University.  Steve holds several patents and served as a board member the Energy Education Center, The Houston Innovation Center, The Oilfield Energy Center, and Membership Committee of Alexis de Tocqueville Society of United Way.  He currently serves on the BOD of Target Hunger.

When Steve isn't busy helping teams tackle the root cause of problems, he loves to work on anything with a motor, make music, and garden.