Scott McKenzie

Strategy and Operations


Meet Scott

Scott wants to live in a world where he could trade on the weekends, Houston had an Autobahn, and people would focus on becoming the best version of themselves through continual improvement in their physical, mental and spiritual lives.  

Scott has worked internationally across the globe and has over two decades in strategic and technical management roles.   He combines his strategy, finance, engineering and operations experience to help unlock business opportunities in complex industries.   Scott is adept at using strategic thinking and analytical prowess to drive actionable results for his clients.  

Scott has driven results throughout his career.  For FMC Technologies, he led several strategic studies that led to new services offerings and acquisitions.  He also managed to develop supply chains and worked through complex integrations for the Technip-FMC merger.   More recently, Scott has worked across emerging and established companies to strengthen their business models and positioning. 

Scott’s passion is the outdoors, and he loves taking aerial drone shots when he is traveling.   In his spare time, Scott is working on making a comeback to his tennis game, helping his wife with her real estate firm, and following the Red Bull Formula 1 racing team.