Rob Lewis

Digital Strategy


Meet Rob

Rob wants to live in a world where decisions are driven by data and logic but fueled by passion,  everyone is judged by character alone, and there is access to at least one guitar in every room.
Rob’s love of digital technology dates back to his teen years. At roughly the same time Jobs and Wozniak were building the Apple 1, he was building his first personal computer at home on his family farm. He has been neck deep in digital technology from early Microsoft Basic through Python based Neural Networks, from dBASE through Azure. Rob feels fortunate to have spent his last 30+ years working with some of the best business minds and technologists in a variety of industries. His entire career has been focused on providing customer centric software and data driven products and services. His expertise includes in-depth understanding of digital business from market needs, to business principles through software and database development tools. Rob’s experience includes business startup, product conceptualization, product development, marketing, sales, contract negotiations, product and project management, customer relations and acquisition/sell of technology.
When Rob isn't busy helping companies make decisions driven by data and logic and playing his guitar, he loves to play board games with his family, working out, and coaching a local special needs little league baseball team.