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Moving Forward in the Face of Uncertainty

By Sanjay Bhatia and Becky Willmon on 4/28/20 11:15 AM

Our world turned upside down in a matter of days.  Suddenly, quarantine and social distancing became a part of our daily vocabulary, and toilet paper was a hot commodity.  We had 24 hour access to a crisis unfolding before us, and we all struggled to make sense of our new "normal".

Before COVID-19, we were working on building Evolve.  We realized from our past experiences there was a need for a consulting firm that developed customized approaches and solutions with a team that would obsess over the success of a project and company as if they were the Founder or CEO.  We didn't want to be a typical consulting firm.  We wanted Evolve to be so much more.  After lots of planning, we started putting our plans for Evolve into action.

Playing Offense 

And then COVID-19 hit.  It was hard not to imagine the worst case scenario.  There were a lot of "what-ifs", and we felt overwhelmed by the amount of people hurting.  We were facing a global humanitarian crisis unlike anything we have ever seen before.  We stayed focused and committed to our client work, but we were unsure how to move forward with Evolve. 

Then we read an article by Nick Wignall, and he writes, “We can face up to the challenges in front of us courageously, proactively, and rationally. We can refuse to roll over and sit around fretting, imagining the worst, or merely hoping for something better.  And instead, we can ask ourselves:

  • How can I be useful or helpful in a difficult time?
  • How can I grow and become better in the face of challenge and uncertainty?
  • Even though every bone in my body is telling me to shrink back and play defense, can I redouble my efforts and go on the offensive?

Playing offense means meeting our challenges head on, proactively, and with courage. It means continuing to live and grow as best we can despite our current constraints and difficulties.  Let’s see if we can use this challenge not just to survive but to thrive.”

We realized we should move forward with our plans for Evolve.  I think we are all a little scared right now.  And there is still so much confusion from the mixed messages and headlines.  But we made the decision to play offense, and we got our heads back in the game.  

We are officially launching Evolve today.  Playing offense also means helping our clients navigate the current situation, prepare for better days ahead, and emerge stronger than ever before.  There is still so much uncertainty, but now more than ever, people and companies need help, and we are ready to help them. 

Let's play offense together.

All the best,

Sanjay and Becky



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