Ashish Khemka

Strategy and Finance


Meet Ashish

Ashish wants to live in a world where there is less waste of resources such as food, man-made materials, and natural resources. His ideology extends to the corporate sector, where, in over two decades of experience as a manager and as a management consultant he has identified countless opportunities for companies to improve their operations through a more acute utilization of their resources. 

He has lived and worked in several countries and has a deep expertise in capital intensive industries, cyber security and emerging internet technologies, institutional risk assessment and continuity of operations including the disaster management life cycle. 

His recent consulting experiences include a multi-year strategy and operations project for a global oilfield equipment provider, manufacturing footprint rationalization for a global commodity producer, private label packaging savings and market entry assessment for a mid-size North American food and beverage company. He also has completed over 20 FEMA certifications and has worked with universities and government institutions to develop risk assessment plans and conduct training.

Outside of his work interests he enjoys publishing academic research, thinking about the societies of the future and incubating businesses to cater to next generation needs, practicing chemical free small-scale farming and connecting with family and friends, old and new. He is also actively involved as an alumni board member, recruiter and mentor across his alma maters.